Help and FAQ

Why Should I Register?

You need to register to be able to purchase or sell images. It takes only a few minutes, it is free and you are not committed to purchase any images.

If you click on the menu item “Sign Up”, you are able to register as a new customer and login. You will need a username, a valid e-mail address, password and solve a captcha. It is important that you read our terms and conditions and privacy policy and agree to them by clicking the respective checkbox. After you have sent your data to PhotoTrade.co.uk, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, please click on the link in the email to verify your account and to complete your registration.

You can Sign in with Facebook 

What is “Account Settings”?

In this section, registered customers will find their personal data.


What is "Dasboard"?

Here, customers will find information about their Photos, Sales,Purchases, Withdrawals, upload, download and orders.   

What about my Data?

We guarantee you the highest possible security and protection measures of all your personal data. All data that we get from you is solely used to make your visit at PhotoTrade as easy and convenient as possible. All of your transactions at PhotoTrade.co.uk are processed with secure servers with SSL (secure sockets layer) technology.

How Can I Change My email address Or my login Data?

To change your email address or your login data, simply log in to your account, click on the “Account Settings" link. If you want to change your password you need to enter your old and new password.

What is Lightbox?

It is a section where a user keeps his favorite publications.

How Do I Buy Images?

You must register first to be able to buy or sell images. Buying pictures on PhotoTrade.co.uk is easy. You can order all images online, then download and use them immediately.

How Much Is an Image?

Prices for images responsability of the owner of the image. Image prices are shown on the image details page.

No matter which type of licence you choose, you are allowed to use the images as often as you want to for an unlimited period of time. In most cases, our Standard licences will be sufficient.

What Sizes Do the Images Have?

You can find information about image sizes on the image details site.

When you purchase an Extended Licence, the image will be delivered with maximum resolution, which is supreme printing quality – usually larger than DIN A3 at 300dpi. The exact available resolution is described in the detailed information for each picture.

If you have any questions concerning print sizes, dpi, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@phototrade.co.uk

What Are the Payment Methods?

You can choose between the following methods of payment: Stripe or PayPal

How Do I Download Images?

After your order has been completed successfully through the checkout system (paypal or stripe), the image it will be automatically download and if you want, If you prefer to download your images later please go to the dashboard - Orders and download from there.

Can I Download the Images Immediately?

Yes, after an order has been completed successfully you may download the images immediately.

Do Purchased Images Have Watermarks?

No. Purchased Images do not have a watermark. Only layout images are protected by a watermark.

What Is a Royalty-free Image?

All images offered on PhotoTrade.co.uk are royalty-free images. Their price is not calculated individually for each usage. Our PhotoTrade All-Inclusive Prices allow you to use the picture unlimited in time and circulation, but just for one customer.

What are “Extended Licences”?

In most cases, our Standard Licences will be sufficient. Besides that, we offer Extended Licences for additional purposes.

What Does “Model Release” and “Property Release” Mean?

A model release is a legal document signed by the person(s) pictured in a photo, granting the permission for his or her image to be used for commercial purposes. A property release is the permission for the commercial usage of any pictured objects – if necessary. These may be trademarks, buildings or landmarks. If a model or property release is available for a specific image, it I steted so in the image details page.

If you have any questions regarding image rights, please contact us

What Does “Editorial Use Only” Mean?

Pictures labeled with "Editorial Use Only" may only be used for editorial purposes